Working out in a park.

5 Top Perks of Exercise in the Park + Beginner’s Workout Guide!

Finding time and the perfect spot for regular exercise amidst a busy schedule and without access to a gym can be a real challenge. But, there’s no need to worry if you’re in a crunch for space or equipment. The solution might be closer than you think—in your local park! Here are five compelling arguments for choosing an outdoor park workout near the Greenway at Mallard Creek apartments as your path to staying fit.

  1. Unlimited space. The restrictive walls of a gym, especially during these pandemic times, can feel limiting. Parks, on the other hand, provide limitless freedom to avoid crowds and change your surroundings to stave off monotony. Your new workout canvas awaits in a park near you!
  2. Mix pleasure with exercise. Rediscover the joy of childhood activities like running, jumping, and climbing. Transforming a workout session into playtime not only increases your excitement but also forges memorable moments with friends and family. Don’t forget a towel or mat for floor exercises.
  3. Soak up Vitamin D. Exercise is invigorating on its own, but pairing it with some sunshine can drastically enhance your mood and energy. Just remember to apply sunscreen to stay protected.
  4. A budget-friendly choice. Enjoying a park workout means not having to worry about membership fees or missing a workout day affecting your budget, ensuring your fitness journey is financially stress-free.
  5. Social workouts. Parks are welcoming spaces for pets, family, and friends. Working out together can improve motivation and accountability among everyone.

Getting Started: Begin by exploring local parks to see what facilities and spaces they have. Choose a park that matches your workout preferences, whether it’s spacious green fields or playground equipment for exercise. A proper warm-up before and cooldown after your workout is essential to prevent injury. Here’s a straightforward 30-minute park exercise routine to help you get going!

What you’ll need: a timer, a bench or steps, a mat or towel, and hydration.


5-minute warmup (walking, jogging, or running)

Rest: 60 seconds


Complete each move for 60 seconds with maximum effort, take minimal breaks. After completing a set, rest for 60 seconds. Aim for three rounds total.

Pushups (on the ground or using a bench): 60 sec

Box jumps (on a bench or step): 60 sec

Mountain Climbers OR V-ups: 60 sec

Bulgarian Split Squat (using a bench): 60 sec

Burpees: 60 sec

Rest: 60 sec

(Repeat for 3 rounds in total)


6-minute stretch to wind down

Nicely done! This comprehensive routine is perfect for practicing 3-4 times a week or mixing into your varied workout plan. Always aim to push your boundaries safely and keep yourself well-hydrated. Happy exercising!

Nearby parks ideal for your workout session by Greenway at Mallard Creek apartments:

Clarks Creek Greenway

9729 Mallard Creek Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28267
(980) 314-1000

Mallard Creek Greenway

9801 Mallard Creek Road Charlotte, NC 28267 (Mallard Creek Elementary School)
201 East Mallard Creek Church Road Charlotte, NC 28262 (Kirk Farm Fields Park)

Nevin Community Park

6000 Statesville Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28269
(980) 314-1001

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